An Introduction to Web Applications with Docker

Codeship Engineer Laura Frank gives an overview of the Docker ecosystem and about how Docker works. Moreover you will learn how you to develop a web application with Docker containers.

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Docker Ecosystem

Get an overview of the Docker ecosystem and learn to understand Docker Compose and Docker Machine.




Learn about Docker images, why they are so powerful, and how you can start running services in containers.


Web Apps and Docker

Understand how to develop your web applications using Docker. Work with images, registries and run services in containers.

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your Webinar Hosts

Laura Frank

Senior Engineer at Codeship. Docker advocate. Laura is working on Codeship's Continuous Delivery system using Docker.


Manuel Weiss

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Codeship. Manuel is leading and organizing Codeship's webinar programs. 

Developing Web Applications with Docker

Docker’s lightweight virtualization may supplant our hypervisor-backed VMs at some point in the future, and change the way that tomorrow's applications are architected, packaged and deployed. Using Docker, your applications will sit atop an excellent platform for packing, shipping and running low-overhead, isolated execution environments. You will get a brief intro to the Docker ecosystem, get to know the tools and processes needed to create containerized applications, and learn best practices for interacting with the Docker API and CLI.

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Why Containers and Docker are the Future

Learn about the Traditional, the Virtual Machine, and the Container Stack and how Docker and its ecosystem helped bringing the Container Stack to the forefront. 

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Automate your Development Workflow with Docker

Learn how to use Docker to nullify inconsistent environment setups with our in-depth tutorial including code examples.

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Orchestrate Containers for Development with Docker Compose

Learn how to use Docker Compose to orchestrate containers in development.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Docker

Learn how to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker.

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