Why you should choose The Personal Plan over your current Free Plan

Unlimited Builds

Upgrade to the Personal Plan to get unlimited builds for your projects instead of being restricted to 100 builds/month on the free plan.



Unlimited Projects

With the Personal Plan you get unlimited projects instead of being restricted by the 5 private projects your current free plan offers.


Get 2 Parallel Build Pipelines

Speed up your testing by using 2 parallel build pipelines to test your projects and decrease the time it takes to get that green build.

Get the Personal Plan for only $39/month instead of $49/month

How Codeship helps these customers

Andreas Klinger: CTO at Product Hunt

"At Product Hunt we use Codeship as the backbone of our team’s test and deployment processes. It helps us shipping our code reliably to our users multiple times per day."


Ward Vuillemot: Sears Home Services

"Codeship lets me go as fast as I can have a conversation through the code. I have zero lag between me and my customers and myself and our developers."